Monday, July 16, 2012


Ive used them a few times over the last six months ! very good and very powerful .... You can use it with the 7050A subwoofer. You can also use it in surround audio systems. The Directivity Control Waveguideâ„¢ (DCW â„¢) technology provides excellent frequency balance even in difficult acoustic environments. The alignment of the whole signal processing chain inside the 2029A from the digital input connector to the loudspeaker elements is carefully balanced, to make sure that you hear the whole digital truth and nothing but the truth. All you have to do is to supply the digital signal, and adjust for the volume you desire. The digital audio input accepts a S/P-DIF digital audio signal having word length 16 to 24 bits. The DA converter inside the 2029A is a professional quality four times oversampling 20-bit delta-sigma converter, with high resilience to clock jitter and excellent linearity. The loudspeaker automatically detects the input sample rate, word length and pre-emphasis, and adjusts all settings to reproduce in the right format, supporting also varispeed operation for television and film industry. The bass frequencies are reproduced by a 130 mm (5


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